Automotive Jobs

Automotive Jobs

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Automotive Jobs

MTC look at some of the automotive jobs that you might want.

The journey of a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle for that matter is a long one and it takes lots of different people working at different stages to complete that journey. This means that there are lots of automotive jobs within the automotive industry, one of which might suit your skills.

At the initial stages there will be people working on research and development and design engineers who take the initial ideas and turn these into technical drawings so that the vehicle can be produced. Automotive engineers work at the design, development and production stages.

Once the vehicle has been manufactured according to design somebody has to market that vehicle. People may want to buy it, this takes sales people to assist customers in their purchase.

Once you’ve created an interest it takes excellent sales people to promote and sell the vehicle to members of the public.

Jobs in automotive don’t stop once a customer has bought a vehicle. Every car that is more than three years old needs an MOT and mechanics are needed for servicing, maintenance and repairs. This means that there is a need for MOT testers, mechanics and technicians.


We have only covered a few key roles here. There are plenty of other jobs within the industry. These include business and office managers. Also, jobs in finance and accounts and even specialist lawyers and cyber-security experts.

The route that you take into a career in the automotive industry will depend on what you want to do. Each role requires a different set of skills and qualifications. There are many apprenticeship options, starting at level two and going up as far as a degree apprenticeship as well as vocational and academic options so it’s worth you looking into all of these. can help guide you through your career. We can also give advice as to what qualifications are required.

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